30 Days, 4lbs, and Forward Motion


img_4488January 2: I was embarrassed and distressed at how bad I looked, and honestly how bad I felt. Just look at the face in those two photos – it says a lot. You need to be happy with you. I am not happy in this body and I do not need one more person saying “you’re perfect the way you are.” That’s an excuse to be unhealthy and I will no longer make excuses or allow myself to be in lazy habits. I used to be beautifully curvy, now I’m lumpy and rolly. Curvy does not equal obese. Obese IS unhealthy no matter how you slice it.

February 2: Down 4lbs in 30 days – I’ll take it. Now, if I burned all of that at 3,500 calories per pound, that would be 14,000 calories burned. Now, a literal lb of fat and overall weight loss are different (water, proteins) but either way – #IAmWinning. I’ve been working out fairly consistently since 1 Jan, took my photo on 2 Jan, and started my #lowcarb #keto nutrition on 13 Jan (just felt right). This progress photo on 2 Feb. I see a little difference, but I FEEL the difference already in my clothes. I’ve got a long way to go, but I am proud of me. Sunday ends my current #ChallengeGroup and we start again on 13 Feb. Join me, what have you got to lose?  #Accountability with my teammates, and my family, is keeping me moving in the right direction. I am here for YOU! #AllAboutTheJourney

Yes, all body types are different, but don’t lie to yourself. If you’re truly happy in your current state of health, then keep it up! If you’re like the majority of Americans and in my boat, we can change for the better together. I’m on my journey and sincerely invite you to start yours. Talk to me, let’s do this together.

Let’s see how March 1 goes…

Day 6 – Relaxing Yoga, and Travel Plans


So much for my enthusiastic goal of blogging each day, even if it was a few words. Life gets in the way, but at least not of my workout goals.

Yesterday, Day 5, was the biggest challenge because I hit the gym for a crazy 30-minute weight/cardio session with my trainer, Stefan. THEN it was time for my evening yoga. I needed it, but I was DONE at the end of the day.

Today, I come to you with slightly sore hammies and glutes, which is a wonderful thing. I’m one of those sick people that loves sore muscles after a good workout. I love knowing I pushed my body and did just a little more that day. Now, since I have quite a bit of muscle, it’s hard for me to get sore and reach that feeling, but I know with a little more moxie I can do it. Hopefully someday these muscles are going to pop through, or eliminate my fluff entirely, but the day shall come.


I made it to laying on the mat… now to press Play…

Today’s yoga practice says:

“Faith takes you on a relaxing yoga experience to help you unwind from your week of work. Be sure to treat your body to this delicious experience.” It’s also aptly entitled “Relax” – yes, please!

Now that it’s over, I feel good. I do feel relaxed, but also less tired and certainly less agitated. Now, I am heading into a few weeks of back-to-back travel for vacation and then work, so we shall see how the yoga schedule will fare, but I do plan to stick with it, and it might even help to keep me sane.

Tomorrow we head off to Stonewall Links in Elverson, PA for the US Mid-Amateur as my man has qualified for his first national competition. I’d like to say a small portion of his success is having me by his side as his main squeeze, and his well-meaning but golf-novice caddy!

The adventures continue!


Ya, ya. I am happy I did it. DUNZO!

8+ Miles Down – Alive and Kicking


I was going to play off of Eminem’s 8 Mile song here, but it was hardcore for my first-world challenges of being a novice runner…

OK, the use of the word “running” is quite liberal here. While as of late I’ve found a decent stride, I sometimes feel like I more “fall forward” or “lumber in forward motion.” I’ve never been a runner, but 8 weeks in I am starting to feel like I am part of the crowd.

Last Friday night, two friends and I set out at 7:30 PM to strategize for our first super-long run at 8.3 miles. For all of us, this was the longest run of our lives to date. First, we knew we either needed a circuit or a very long straight distance that was also safe to run in the dark, as well as in the Summer heat of Tampa Bay.

We chose to run the Courtney Campbell Causeway Trail – one straight, 9-mile shot across the bay where we could stash a lunchbox of liquid refreshment at the ½ mark. We were able to park cars at either end of the route to stow belongings and additional cold drinks, as well as to give us starting and end points that would get us to the required 8.3 miles according to Olympian Jeff Galloway and his 13.1 Half Marathon Training ap.

My friends are the superior runners – each circled back to me as I lagged behind barely getting my feet off of the ground. I’ll never finish first, but I am determined to finish. They brought music and conversation, which kept me from peeking at my phone the entire time lamenting how far we’d traveled. My only distance markers were the guess at the county signs and knowing the foot of the bridge was ½ way done. Jeff (we’re on a first name basis now, it has been 8 weeks) kept encouraging me through the training ap that played on my phone as we made it across the water from Clearwater to Tampa.

It took 1:48 and we finished the longest distance of our lives. First, we finished – being the biggest victory. I was so nervous about my stamina on this run that my sister was on alert in case I collapsed or some other calamity overtook me. Second, we did it 12 minutes quicker than I thought we would. It was before 10 PM when we arrived at the car and chugged both water and Gatorade – but we made it.

Things I learned – it’s OK to drink sports drinks, but I will allow myself that ONLY on long runs. (For the regular person, go for it. For me, who’s battled weight my entire life, I am skittish about beverages that have sugar and calories – it’s engrained, leave me be.)

To start off last Friday, I had barely slept the night before as I was so nervous about the run – which is the worst way to start. I did drink water all day long, and ate oatmeal with peanut butter 2.5 hours before the run to help fuel me up. I can’t stand being hungry when working out, I get hangry real quick and everyone suffers.


After I parked the car to start the run, I chugged the new Energize pre-workout formula from the Team Beachbody Performance Line. I believe this helped to keep me going without any surge or crash throughout my workout. I didn’t stop or quit the entire 8 miles, and Energize helped to keep me focused and motivated the entire way. (This is an informative review of my experience, but I am also a Team Beachbody Coach if you are interested.). I finished and felt better than expected at the end, again considering this was my longest run EVER!

I was a hot, sweaty mess, but I finished. I didn’t collapse, no ambulances needed (which was a real fear for me before starting), and my sister received no emergency calls. This was a victory all the way around.

By the time I got home I was thoroughly nauseated – it was the most grueling physical experience of my life. I sat in a bath of Epsom salts and watched Netflix feeling too wired to sleep, but too tired to move. I knew I was bound to wake up hungry, so I sipped my dinner of Vanilla Shakeology blended with the Recover (Speeds muscle recovery, promotes lean muscle synthesis, combats exercise-induced muscle soreness, and improves muscle strength recovery.) while trying to calm my body down.

The next day – I didn’t hurt. I was stiff, and my hips a bit sore – but that’s more from the weight I gained during the challenges of the past two years. Late in the day I suffered from a migraine, but that’s par for the course in my world. Overall, I would do it all again. Which is a good conclusion as I have 9.8 miles in two weeks! Thanks, Jeff;)

1 - after

Ladies European Adventure: V1 – London


Almost two months later, I am ready to re-cap my latest European Adventure. Let’s start at the very beginning

This was a 11 day, 7 country adventure through Europe with Cosmos Tours. Cosmos arranged everything for us from the flights, to all transfers, hotels, transportation, and optional excursions – including all breakfasts, and some dinners. I highly recommend the company, but maybe a less ambitious pace!

Saturday, March 21 6 a.m. – Arrival in London


We arrived very early at the hotel and not all rooms were ready. So we dropped our bags and hit the road. Personally, I love traveling by rail – rarely a delay, no traffic, and I can get to and from on foot – To The TUBE!

Thankfully, we ordered our London Pass before leaving and chose the option with transportation. The pass entitled us to skip lines at many sites, included admission fees to these sites, and the optional Oyster Travelcard got us on and off the Tube all over London. Busses and river cruises were also included.

I’ve left my references and travel things in this just for fun – page numbers refer to the page in the London Pass booklet. Onto the adventure:

TUBE: Hammersmith Station (District Line – green ) to High Street Kensington

  • tour Kensington Palace (via London Pass, skip the line, page 55)

On our walk from Kensington Palace through Hyde Park we saw actor Hugh Grant as we walked towards the Notting Hill Gate – how apropos!!

IMG_5672 IMG_5671_2

Get back to TUBE High Street Kensington (Green/District) to Westminster OR Walk through Hyde Park and Marble Arch to Buckingham.

Refer to page 26

Afternoon Tea, yes, please! We traveled back in time to the 1800’s to Mr. Fogg’s of Mayfair. Mr. Phineas J. Fogg opened his parlor for select patrons in his speak-easy tea house, reminiscent of what I’d expect a mercury-induced hallucination would be like in MadHatter style. Tipsy Tea was a Saturday option. I chose the champagne tea, and my guest chose gin. It was really a champagne cocktail in a lovely teapot served with finger sandwiches and sweets – the perfect way to end the first day in London.

IMG_5710 IMG_5714_2 IMG_5708 IMG_5704

This was close to 36 hours of trans-Atlantic travel and site seeing in one of the most vibrant cities in the UK – we saw much but might have gone to bed shortly after the sun set for the night.

Sunday, March 22 – London Day 2.

TUBE: Hammersmith Station (green District line) to Westminster Station, walk to the Westminster Pier

Walk across the Westminster Bridge – page 30


City Cruises (good for 24 hours from when we pick up the Red Rover ticket that has on/off privileges) Page 110 Sounded great – but the tide was too low to travel from the dock we were at. We could have switched piers, but the other 200+ passengers beat us to it and we didn’t want to wait longer in line. We never made it to the cruise.

Depart from Westminster Pier, get off at Tower Pier:

  • Tower of London (skip ticket office & line – page 63)
  • Tower Bridge Exhibition (open 9:30am-5:00pm)IMG_5768IMG_5754


We did a lovely day of wandering around the city including a lunch of traditional Fish N Chips with a side of peas.

IMG_5764_2 IMG_5769

Trafalgar Square even had a bagpiper blowing his lungs out to ACDC!


Did a walkedIMG_5779_2-by on:

  • London’s Eye (45 minute 1x revolution; not included in the Pass)
  • Globe Theater Tour (via London Pass)

Afternoon Tea at The Rose Lounge was every bit the proper tea experience we expected. The Lounge bills it as informal, but it was very formal for us American travelers. Thank God they started with a glass of Champagne! They even had a gluten-free option for sensitive tummy’s like mine. (I could have suffered through the lovely regular version, but my 40+ travel mates we were meeting the next morning wouldn’t have liked me very much).


IMG_5781 IMG_5783_2 IMG_5784

My regrets for London:

  • We did not make it to a show at one of the famed Theatres of London.
  • Despite our repeated efforts, we missed out on the River Thames (“teh-ms”) cruise. Had I not stopped for the loo….
  • No time for visiting outside the city to sites such as Kew Gardens, Windsor Castle, The Churchill War Rooms, or the Beefeater Gin Distillery Tour (all found on the London Pass)

Around 2000, I traveled England for 2 weeks with my beloved Grandparents. We had an apartment in Knightsbridge and really had a chance to absorb British culture, This 2-day trip was very nice, action packed, but it only whet my appetite to return.

Give the gift of health…


TBB Seasonal Sale

Give the gift of health this holiday season. If you’ve ever been curious about one of our workout programs NOW is the time. As your coach I have free accountability and/or challenge groups coming up and would love to have you join us.

If you have any questions please just ask. I am here to help you. I’ve got a long way to go on my journey too and want to share the love and joy this holiday season!

Happy Shopping!


Hot for Halloween – SOUNDS GOOD TO ME!


Halloween one of my favorite days of the year and I’ve missed the last few due to personal drama… all water under the cauldron. Now, as I’ve mentioned before I am a recovering divorcee on a journey to get back to me…who is buried under the feelings that I ate over the last year. Anywho, if Halloween can’t light a fire under me I don’t know what can.

That brings me to the upcoming 12-Day Challenge “Hot for Halloween” that Yours Truly and a few friends are participating in to shed a few more before the festivities. What do we do? Via a Facebook accountability group we each report on:

  • Exercising at least 30 minutes per day, we can recommend workouts if you don’t currently have one,
  • Eating clean, made easy by our custom meal plan, and
  • Drinking Shakeology, it’s a blend of superfoods giving you all the good stuff you need each day.

Energy goes up and cravings go down while getting your body in balance.

And we measure our success in lbs and inches lost with before and after measurements (we recommend photos too!). Each day we share tips, what’s working and not, triumphs and failures. But the important thing is we do it together. It’s a great way to kick start your fitness goals or lose those last few stubborn pounds. Beginners and seasoned athletes welcome!

I am looking forward to seeing what progress I can make before my beloved All Hallow’s Eve, followed by Dia De Los Muertos, and All Saints Day. I’m getting in the spirit!! Join me? All you have to do is ask!

My experience with the 21-Day Fix


Earlier this year I needed help to get off the rock and start losing the weight I had gained over turmoil of last year. Yes, I ate my feelings… whenever/whatever I damn well wanted. Between finishing grad school, marriage counseling and the decision to divorce, falling out of my moving truck and busting up my kidney, surgery on my foot unrelated to falling out of the truck (and all of that was in the fourth quarter alone!) I gained an additional 25lbs. Yes, stress and cortisol wreak havoc on your body and every ounce showed. Anyway, I needed help to get my eating under control while making it easy to take with me whether it was breakfast, lunch or dinner. I needed fresh foods readily available to help me cut the garbage, and excuses out of my life. The only one who could make that decision to change was me. 

Now, before gaining the additional 25lbs I was already overweight. I was out of control. As an inactive Team Beachbody I was looking to get back in health and fitness mode as I knew they could offer the help and support I so sorely needed. A few of my friends were raving about the “21-Day Fix” that was a workout program incorporating my beloved Shakeology, and making portion control easy. There was no “mulling it over” for me, no marinating on decisions, no hesitating. I needed this, and I needed it now. But, I hesitated when it went on sale and it was backordered. Stalled once again. But I didn’t let it get me down, I worked with what I had and cleaned out the pantry while I waited.

I started my 21-Day Fix program in March and did two rounds, 42 days, which helped me to lose 10lbs and to begin feeling like me again. I never lose weight quickly or easily, and those hideous stress hormones were, and still are floating around my body.

What I really think you want/need to know:

  • The workouts were more challenging than I expected, but it felt great
  • I was sore in the beginning, but good sore – not “hit by a truck / serious regret” sore
  • I love Autumn, the instructor – she’s a real woman, single mom, and knows how to push through adversity
  • The diet took prep work, but was so easy to follow. I felt great energy and was NEVER hungry, which is where I have failed in the past. I actually had to push sometimes to eat that last Green container, but I did it because it was delicious, and I knew I was doing something good for my body.
  • Will I do it again – YES. And I plan on making the eating plan MY lifestyle plan for food. 

What are the 21 Day Fix eating plan details?
 The 21 Day Fix Eating Plan is not a recipe-based plan like other Beachbody nutrition plans. Here’s how it works: Start by calculating a calorie level based on starting weight. Next, find the calorie chart that corresponds with the calorie level. This will indicate the daily allotment of Fix color-coded containers. From there, the Eating Plan shows a list of foods that can be eaten with each color-coded container. Then, just fill the containers with the foods from the list, up to the daily allotment of Fix containers. No required recipes. No required number of meals. No required foods or ingredients. If it fits in the container, it can be eaten!

My progress is slow, but it’s still happening. Right now I have moved on to PiYo, but am looking forward to getting back on the 21-Day Fix meal plan. I recommend the Challenge Pack as it includes Shakeology, any equipment needed, the portion control containers, and all guides needed to be successful.

I hope this helps you get on track too. I am here to support you in your goals, and I’d love to hear from you.