A POX on our House


We’ve got the affliction and there’s a pox on our house. Is this witchery? A spell of bad luck, or our number for ridiculousness was up? Probably the latter.


After 5 days in Elverson, PA on the hilliest golf course I’ve been to (yet), and 33 miles on the fit bit, we left the course and headed to the medical tent. We got a “get out of dodge” note from the ER doc on duty, but still had no idea what beheld our futures.


After nights of fever, sweats, chills, and back, we thought we were in the clear. Within 24-hours home, the pox bespeckled our extremities. We, two grown-ass adults, have Hand-Foot-and-Mouth disease common in children, rare in people over 10 years of age. Seriously?!

We look somewhat monstrous. How did this happen? Was it the swimming pool filled with children that probably lacked enough chlorine? Maybe it was all the hand-shaking with our new golf friends at the US Mid-Amateur Golf Tournament. The airplane and its many travelers? Who knows, but I wish this on no one, least of all children who apparently get this 10X worse. (BTW, this is how I know I’ve truly made it to grown-up status. I recognize we probably have it light compared to the lil’ ‘uns. And I feel for them and their care-takers.)


At first we found this somewhat amusing, and we’re glad that if one of us had to experience this hideousness, the other is right alongside. Because I might have thought it wasn’t as terrible as it is if I wasn’t going through it at the same time. Today was the worst, I woke up sobbing and in pain and 70% of my body is covered in blisters. I’ll spare you a more graphic description.

So not only are we pock-marked blistered-nightmares, we’re contagious and have been quarantined until every last blister has healed. So another week of fun.



So no travel, no unnecessary shopping… which is really fine because walking with 1000 tiny blisters on the soles of your feet is pretty horrific on its own.

Needless to say my workouts and yoga retreat are on pause for now. #SadFace.