Day 6 – Relaxing Yoga, and Travel Plans


So much for my enthusiastic goal of blogging each day, even if it was a few words. Life gets in the way, but at least not of my workout goals.

Yesterday, Day 5, was the biggest challenge because I hit the gym for a crazy 30-minute weight/cardio session with my trainer, Stefan. THEN it was time for my evening yoga. I needed it, but I was DONE at the end of the day.

Today, I come to you with slightly sore hammies and glutes, which is a wonderful thing. I’m one of those sick people that loves sore muscles after a good workout. I love knowing I pushed my body and did just a little more that day. Now, since I have quite a bit of muscle, it’s hard for me to get sore and reach that feeling, but I know with a little more moxie I can do it. Hopefully someday these muscles are going to pop through, or eliminate my fluff entirely, but the day shall come.


I made it to laying on the mat… now to press Play…

Today’s yoga practice says:

“Faith takes you on a relaxing yoga experience to help you unwind from your week of work. Be sure to treat your body to this delicious experience.” It’s also aptly entitled “Relax” – yes, please!

Now that it’s over, I feel good. I do feel relaxed, but also less tired and certainly less agitated. Now, I am heading into a few weeks of back-to-back travel for vacation and then work, so we shall see how the yoga schedule will fare, but I do plan to stick with it, and it might even help to keep me sane.

Tomorrow we head off to Stonewall Links in Elverson, PA for the US Mid-Amateur as my man has qualified for his first national competition. I’d like to say a small portion of his success is having me by his side as his main squeeze, and his well-meaning but golf-novice caddy!

The adventures continue!


Ya, ya. I am happy I did it. DUNZO!