No Good Deed Goes Unpunished


An innocent nicety gone wrong. Two young gals, maybe high school aged, were traveling together today and seemed a little unsure of the airport, flights, etc. I happened to be sitting near them while we were waiting for our flight from St. Louis to Newark. I don’t make the flight patterns, don’t ask me why Missouri was the stop from Tampa to New Jersey.   Anywho. The very polite young chick-a-dees asked me to watch their belongings as they used the restrooms. I agreed, which I know isn’t kosher with the TSA rules, but they were harmless and had to go. Anyway, the girls were gone for 5-10 minutes, no big deal, and people were very nice when I explained that two kids were sitting in those seats (denoted by their belongings) as other people came to claim the chairs.

Along comes an evil, rhinoceros of a woman (ya, generally not down for picking on strangers publicly, privately maybe, publicly no, but this bia deserves it). I nicely let her know that, again, two kids were sitting there. The woman starts moving their belongings and rudely exclaims “Oh ya, I see kids sitting here,” as she’s rifling near the backpacks, charging phones, and purses. I’m a nice gal, the girls must have sensed I cared not to burgle them as they should not have left that stuff sitting out. As the man next to the kids’ stuff shoots me a concerned look, I tried again to say the children (yep, used that word to hopefully discourage her bullying) would be right back … cutting me off with her man-hand with badly done acrylic nails she points at me and barks (yes, in this story rhinos bark…and did I mention we’re heading to Newark??) “you need to shut your mouth.” Guess if I had lunch stuck in my adult braces maybe I’d have my undies in a twist too… Mama said alligators are ornery because…

Umm OK. I’ll just turn around in my seat. Feeling slapped, offended, and wondering what had provoked this madwoman, I thought to myself “This is not worth it, Anna, no need for more of a scene.” Other passengers also seemed confused, but clearly no one was coming to my rescue. I kept an eye on the girls’ belongings, which the woman was now hovering over like a vulture and loudly muttering to herself.

When the girls got back the woman continued to glare at the three of us, clearly thinking we were a band of mischievous youths. I whispered to the girl nearest me, in a very quiet voice, what had occurred and to check her belongings to make sure everything was accounted for. Then, in the weirdest middle-school way, the middle-aged woman loudly, and aggressively mock whispered at us, making those in earshot very uncomfortable. Then she starts to bully the girls about maturity… Umm, ya.

In an attempt to provide clarification for the very confused girls, and for my very uncomfortable fellow passengers, I firmly said in a projected voice to the girls “I understand you’re young and traveling alone. If you need any help, or need me to get assistance, just say the word.”

And then I silently prayed for that to be the end of the childishness, and that if anyone were to be ejected from the flight, let there be witness to speak up about this scene.

So as I write this, feeling witchy eyes boring holes through my ponytail from the seats behind me(too short for her to glare at the back of my head) 30K feet in the air. I hope there is nothing to update later. Fo’ realz? I was just trying to help…

Because I am (FINALLY) Happy…


Coming to you from 30,000 feet up, moving east across Texas. I am thrilled to report that after almost two years of mess, I am happy again. I wake up excited for life with a song playing in my head. My fur-babies are in good health, I am improving each day with my fitness goals, and my job couldn’t be better. I am thankful for my blessings.

Life is good! I had a very productive and positive work week, and I really enjoy the fabulous people I work with.

I had time to get in a weight-lifting session/lesson with LaurenMottFitness, and happen to be sporting her shirt on today’s journey home. I had the opportunity to have most meals with great friends over delicious Mexican/borderland food. It was such a joy to hear about the new things in their lives and share in their accomplishments and future fun to come.

I hope the happiness continues and 2015 and spreads to everyone I know and love, and who read this blog!

Please share your thoughts with me. I love to send happy mojo to all! (Or, if you need to vent about the challenges of life – together we shall overcome.)