30 Days, 4lbs, and Forward Motion


img_4488January 2: I was embarrassed and distressed at how bad I looked, and honestly how bad I felt. Just look at the face in those two photos – it says a lot. You need to be happy with you. I am not happy in this body and I do not need one more person saying “you’re perfect the way you are.” That’s an excuse to be unhealthy and I will no longer make excuses or allow myself to be in lazy habits. I used to be beautifully curvy, now I’m lumpy and rolly. Curvy does not equal obese. Obese IS unhealthy no matter how you slice it.

February 2: Down 4lbs in 30 days – I’ll take it. Now, if I burned all of that at 3,500 calories per pound, that would be 14,000 calories burned. Now, a literal lb of fat and overall weight loss are different (water, proteins) but either way – #IAmWinning. I’ve been working out fairly consistently since 1 Jan, took my photo on 2 Jan, and started my #lowcarb #keto nutrition on 13 Jan (just felt right). This progress photo on 2 Feb. I see a little difference, but I FEEL the difference already in my clothes. I’ve got a long way to go, but I am proud of me. Sunday ends my current #ChallengeGroup and we start again on 13 Feb. Join me, what have you got to lose?  #Accountability with my teammates, and my family, is keeping me moving in the right direction. I am here for YOU! #AllAboutTheJourney

Yes, all body types are different, but don’t lie to yourself. If you’re truly happy in your current state of health, then keep it up! If you’re like the majority of Americans and in my boat, we can change for the better together. I’m on my journey and sincerely invite you to start yours. Talk to me, let’s do this together.

Let’s see how March 1 goes…

.Happy New Year. I know you’ll see a mi


.Happy New Year. I know you’ll see a million posts about all sorts of resolutions, potions and charms for happiness and health. While I can’t press an easy button for you, you can join me in the #HealthBet starting January 9. I’m determined to get this body back in shape once and for all, and even more determined to win $$$ in the process. Yes, it’s a real bet. Take it with me?? #OnMyJourney #WinBig2017 #CoreDeForce #BikiniByJune #Goals #LookGoodNaked #BBCoach #Cheers #BottomsUp #BecauseICan #WhyNot http://ow.ly/i/qxtgT

Happy New Year’s Eve 2017 to you all. 20


Happy New Year’s Eve 2017 to you all. 2016 was a smashing good year for me, and I hope 2017 is even better. I love celebrating all of your joys, successes, and good tidings and will continue to love and support you all in the times to come.

To those who didn’t have such a great year, or didn’t find joy during the holidays– I love you and stand by your side. Things get tough, and if you know me at all, you know I’ve been there. I want to tell you all that IT GETS BETTER. Storms subside, circumstances change, and you have the power to dig yourself out – and if you need a hand, I’ve got two. I wish you all a beautiful 2017 #ConsiderYourselfHugged #SunshineAndPuppiesForAll #NewYearTransformations #ThePursuitOfHappiness #LoveYourself #ItGetsBetter #Happy2017 #ILoveYou http://ow.ly/i/qpKae