Shift Shop Week 3/Two weeks to the Wedding!


All of the thoughts in my head…

WOW – I am in my third week of Shift Shop and can’t believe how this program is flying by. I’ve been traveling for a few days so I got off of the schedule for a bit, so I’ll take time and catch up and complete this workout cycle. From just a few weeks of work, I can actually see muscles, and I hope I’ve made a difference on the scale.


But either way, I know my clothes are a little looser. And we call that a non-scale victory! I feel better, my energy is better, and I am looking forward to my daily burn. OK, that’s a few non-scale victories and I will celebrate them all.


So, I will say that I already love myself. It’s take a long time to be able to say that, but I do. While I am happy, I always believe there is room for improvement and that’s the positive road I am on. I do not believe all people need to have the same keys to happiness, but part of my quest is to be physically fit and lower my body-fat percentage. I want to be a healthier me, a healthy wife, and hopefully someday a healthy mother.


In previous posts I have mentioned my WHY and that continues to evolve. While I have long-term goals, looking and feeling better for my elopement is a short-term goal. So what could be more perfect for my short-term engagement to my private elopement than a 3-week intense workout program?! Enter trainer Chris Downing and his creation of Shift Shop.


In two weeks and 4 hours I’ll be marrying the man of my dreams on the beach, just the two of us. And I’m going to feel as good as I possibly can while doing it. As of this moment. I’ll also be abstaining from alcohol and sugar to just get a little more bloat and puff out of my system, as well as feel the best I possibly can!


With Shift Shop, each week builds on time with cardio and strength while cutting out carbs little by little. Sounds perfect for a bridal-bootcamp and countdown to the wedding. Not only am I already seeing results, and still have a week to go, but I know challenging workouts help me to balance stress and anxieties too. Surprisingly, I have zero wedding/marriage stress or anxiety. Now changing careers and finding a new job, that stresses me out, but that’s a story for another day – but it’s all part of the ball of wax in the next 30 days anyway. See why I’m purposely cutting sugar and booze? Could be a hot mess otherwise!


Anyway, I cannot wait to share my Shift Shop results with you – and when the big day arrives, I’ll also share a few of those pics too!


Wish me luck! xoxo


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