Re-Starting my Yoga Retreat – Week 2, Day 1 {in the aftermath of HFAM}


Most of the spots you see are freckles

 {Recovering from HFAM Disease – if you have a weak stomach, don’t scroll to bottom}

On September 1, I embarked on a 3-Week Yoga Retreat through Team Beachbody’s streaming site OnDemand. I love it because I can work out at home, or on the road… as long as I have WiFi… as long as I have energy after 6-9 miles a day on the golf course for 5 days in a row… and as long as I don’t contract some hideous illness that generally strikes children and the elderly…

OH WAIT, all of that happened. To both myself and my Main Squeeze. {Uncool.}


SO, Here we are. I started Week 2, Day 1 today, September 20.

This week is called Expansion Week. I thought it would be adding content to what we had already learned, ½ right. Expansion Day 1 Core was expanding the poses to lengthen and take up space (not exactly a phrase an overweight woman wants to strive to live up to). It was actually pretty nice – I have terribly inflexible shoulders and this helped to move them and loosen them up.

At this moment, I shall mention that my hands and feet (and face) still have a pox upon them from the bullshit HFAM disease, which actually does make me feel like I have Hoof and Mouth. My feet are still healing, and while my hands are primarily scabbed over, my fingertips seem to have hardened like shells.

I made it through with little discomfort and look forward to what tomorrow’s program will bring.

OK, I can’t help but gross you out – this isn’t even the worst of it…



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