Day 2 of the 3-Week Yoga Retreat


I woke up full of LIFE today. Maybe it’s because my steroid for breathing is finally tapering off and I’m getting rid of that crud, or maybe I’m just wound up. I’ve been happy and bouncing, but also a tad jittery. Maybe I had too much coffee…


Anyway, Yoga Retreat Day 2: “Today we created deep space through powerful stretching…” OK, so I have yet to understand what that means, but I am sure it will come. Breathing through the stretch was part of our focus, and it’s harder to do that you’d think. I have a tendency to hold my breath when straining, lifting, etc, so this was another world… and it would be better for me if I had put the cat’s litter box in another room. So much for clean breathing.

I don’t think we, as in the Human Race, really consider our breathing. I know I didn’t. Besides trying to breathe through my deviated septum and chronic sinusitis, I never consider any more than that. I guess I should, because after the deep breathing while stretching, I feel alive – the oxygen is flowing.

Thirty minutes deep of yoga basics and stretching, I can tell you I feel more calm, and the jittery hands have calmed down. For the most part I followed our main instructor, but the modifier was helpful in demonstrating how to use the yoga blocks to help get to a better pose without ripping or tearing any muscles or joints.

Today’s question is WHO. Who has been an inspiration in the practice of yoga to me? Let me introduce you to Michelle, Instagram star and contributing writer on … AND shall I say, one of my best friends since our first day of our freshman year, in our first class at UNF… way back in the Fall of 2002. She’s been practicing yoga for over five years which shows in her physique, her mindfulness, and through her writing.

See you tomorrow for Day 3!


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