21-Day Beginner’s Yoga Retreat FROM HOME


For me, embarking on a 21-Day Yoga Retreat FROM HOME is going to be epic for a few reasons:

  • I want to get into yoga, but am a bit self-conscious about being new to the game and looking the fool in front of a room of yogis, my weight, not having cool-ass clothing… the list goes on;
  • Working out from home, I have no excuses… no rain on my parade, no “out of gas”, and no need to change out of my PJs. Just got to get out of bed and hit play;
  • I have 24/7 access to the series, so no excuse on missing class… and yes, I choose do do it from HOME, but you can do it in the park, at the gym… whatevs.

    HOW, you ask? Through an OnDemand streaming yoga series. I’m a member, and it’s included. SOOOOO, why not?

Day 1 was all about the basics. We walked stretched through the basics of cat and cow, downward dog, planks, and a few more poses. It wasn’t easy, but it wouldn’t be a challenge if it was, and will tell you I did sweat – and I feel good. I still feel my sore muscles from Tuesday’s weight lifting session and I’m feeling soothed, and maybe I’m even breathing easier. Maybe that’s another positive side effect – maybe it’s in my head, but I am OK with it either way.



I am looking forward to Day 2 tomorrow. We’ll see what the four trainers lead us through. You can jump in at any time – just ask me how.

Need a mat, or yoga blocks to get your stretch on? Find a few pieces here.

Need more info?

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