We’re Halfway Though 2016 – Realizations by ME


We’re halfway through 2016…

Realization: I haven’t lost a pound. In reality, I’ve yoyo’d with about 10lbs, but 20 + Many More (20+MM) need to be eradicated.

Goal: My goal is to lose those 20+MM. I will reach that goal by 12/31/16. I am encouraged to reach the goal before then, just not after.

 Plan: Get back to what I know works. It’s time for some classic Tony & Chalene. I know both P90X and TurboFire work for me – well, they have in the past. And I’m not getting any younger. I can make the hybrid workout on my calendar, and press play OnDemand. Easy peasy.

WHY: Everyone needs a WHY, and it’s usually deeper than the “improve my health and fitness” that everyone spouts. I’ll be honest. I want to look good naked, feel good every single day, and wear what I want when I am not naked. I want to enjoy my physicality.

And why can’t I have what I want? I can. I will. And no one can take that away from me.

I’ve been traveling a lot personally including this past week’s cross-country move, a lot for work, and not making time for myself other than to wash my face and sleep. There are people (yes, PEOPLE, not specific by gender, race, or socioeconomic background) of all walks of life who do a lot more than I do, and balance their health a lot better than I do.

Moving midway across the country - welcome to Tennessee

Is Dolly welcoming me to Tennessee, or giving me the bum’s rush by chasing me with a guitar?

I can do it. I am going to join their ranks and get moving. I’ve got to shake the excuses and just get up earlier, train harder, and get my body moving while maintaining a healthier diet.

And don’t give me the “eating healthy is expensive” crap. No, it’s not. Yes, it might cost more than the value menu at your local drive thru, but it’s not expensive. Cut the crap out of your diet, those things that have no nutritional value (sugars, cigarettes, booze, and anything else that eats your disposable income in a negative way.) Say goodbye to those, and you’ll have many more pennies in your pocket for that packet of 4 chicken breasts that makes 8 meals. A head of lettuce is like 99 cents, and it will both fill you up and give you a few meals too.

An easy one for me is Shakeology. I’ve been using it for years and it costs between $3-4 per serving, which is cheap and healthy. And for me and my weight loss goals, each serving is one meal. Can’t get easier than that – I just need to reign it in on the other foods;)

Now that I’ve said all of this, why didn’t I get my act together sooner?! For that, I have no good answer. But now is a better time to start than tomorrow.

Thoughts? Sound easy to you too? Do this with me?!


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