CMA FEST 2015: Music and Food, two of my favorite things!


A few weeks ago I got a text from a friend that she had an extra ticket to the Country Music Association Music Festival in Nashville, June 11-14. She said if I could get there, it was mine. Well, how can I turn down that fantastic offer as well as the time to spend with a bestie?! Her generosity still makes my jaw drop.

I ended up needing to be in the Wild West earlier in the week – and not a bad way to start the journey. Hot and dusty, yes, as El Paso generally is, but mix in some good friends and Mexican food. It’s a work trip but certainly a good time.

Charles Esten, from ABC's Nashville (Character Deacon Claiborne).

Charles Esten, from ABC’s Nashville (Character Deacon Claiborne).

After ending work in ELP early Thursday, I took leave Friday and Monday so I could spend the weekend with Lindsey at the #CMAFest and then have some time to recover. Bonus, I got in some time with Aubrey and Stephanie too!

1 Night1

1 DierksB

Linds picked me up at BNA on Thursday night and we headed straight to LP Field in time to see Rascal Flatts go on, followed by Dierks Bentley, Florida Georgia Line, and Jason Aldean. I was most excited to see Dierks as “Drunk on a Plane” was my jilted-but-moving-on theme song for the latter part of 2015. And FL GA Line is just incredible… we’ll let them say it best.


FASTFORWARD: Friday we bumped around at The Mall at Green Hills. I was hoping to see Faith Hill shopping, but no such luck and no celebrity sightings. I was able to window shop in some luxurious stores that I’ll never be able to afford, which bothers me none. I enjoy browsing. Midday Lindsey kicked my arms (yes arms, not ass) at the gym… #HurtsSoGood Thankfully, Aubrey had time for dinner at Puckett’s Boathouse in Franklin before we headed out for the night. I might say that they have some of the best hot grits…ever.

Friday night, I do believe The Zac Brown Band stole the show. They were my favorite act of the night playing my favorite Chicken Fried, but also performing an electrifying version of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. I couldn’t even get the iPhone up to record because I was awestruck. Randy Houser, Lady Antebellum, and Luke Bryan were all very good, but ZBB – just WOW.



We spent Saturday with another fabulous bestie, Stephanie, who drive over an hour to come shop, have lunch and just enjoy life. We started at Gray’s on Main. Upon entering the restaurant my sandal broke… seriously? It’s not like it was a cheap flip-flop, it was Guess, who said they should snap. So after explaining my odd situation to the hostess, she brought me scotch tape to make the attempt to give it a temporary fix. Thankfully our very friendly server overhead the mess and saw me examining my sandal, and he came to the rescue. It might have taken ½ a roll of tape, but it held all afternoon. We shopped the fabulous shops and emptied a bottle of wine before departing for the evening. #LiveAtGrays

World's best server fixing my sandal

World’s best server fixing my sandal

Sunday brunch is one of my favorite pastimes and there is no better a foodie to celebrate this fabulous meal with than my girl, fellow blogger, Aubrey, and her fiancé Dan (who has the best head of hair I’ve ever seen on a man). We hit up Biscuit Love Brunch. She explained the entire experience so delightfully that I won’t even try to top it, but just give you the link to her review. What I will share is what I ate: Bloody Mary, Bonuts, Hot Chicken, and Chronic Bacon. My favorites were the Bloody Mary – spicy and garnished with plenty of pickled goodness, and the Bonuts – cream filled biscuit bites with a berry compote. My mouth is watering just thinking of it now! Excellent choice Aubs!

BiscLove A&A A&L Monkey

Sunday night closed out the festival with a star-STUDDED lineup: Cole Swindell, Daruis Rucker, Eric Church, Keith Urban, and Brad Paisley. They were all incredible. I’ve loved Darius since his days with Hootie and the Blowfish, and I actually fell in love with Keith Urban. It was my second time seeing Brad Paisley and he put on a good show that started off with some technical difficulties, but he was Crushin’ It!


4 Daruis 4 ColeS 4 BradP

Me and Lindsey on the footbridge from downtown Nashville to LP Field.

Me and Lindsey on the footbridge from downtown Nashville to LP Field.

Me on night 4!

Me on night 4!

My favorite man of the night was Eric Church. He’s much more of a rebel rocker than I expected, and he really brought it down with my new favorite song Wrecking Ball. Yes, the term has been used in many contexts in pop culture as of late, but Church’s take is just so raw that I got weak in the knees and almost needed the smelling salts… Love me baby, like a wrecking ball. Check it out for yourself below. Thank you Nashville, Good night!


SO, I think I’ve been Catfished…


No backstory needed, it’s the guy from THIS post, the same one who ditched me in THIS post. So keep in mind, I’ve never actually met the Jerk-Face-Mean-ManBoy.

About three weeks ago he started calling again, but from a new cell phone number. Honestly, we’ve all changed numbers, but I should have realized when he was referencing text messages that should have been on his old account. Anyway, it seemed extraneous, but 13-hours after the latest weirdness that’s just dawned on me.


It seemed to me that he was just bored and wanted someone to call and text to feel part of the human race. It’s a poopy thing to do. You don’t string people along. And you don’t mess around making plans if you have absolutely no intention of ever showing up. They have “1-800” phone lines for that kind of stuff. At this point it hadn’t occurred to me that I was being catfished. {Poor Manti Te’o, that’ shizzznat is embarrassing…)


BUT I thought, excrement occurs (my polite-er, SHIT HAPPENS), and against my better judgment I thought,let’s give this guy another chance”. And with much prodding by my very caring sister, I agreed to go out with him, again, after him blowing me off twice before.

Fast forward. About two hours before we were supposed up meet up, I ended up with a little mess at work that needed to be attended to, but I communicated to him that I was unable to make it and would like to reschedule.

He called later in the week to reschedule, and I agreed, but that since we’d had a few snafu’s before, that he’d call me at 1 p.m. to confirm as life happens – no big deal, just communicate in advance and manage expectations.

So much for adult, direct communication. And does he really want to meet up? Now, I think he’s just making a monkey of me.

After 1 p.m. came and went, I figured I’d give him the benefit of the doubt and text him. I didn’t call as he claims to be a physician, and if that was true, a ringing phone while with a patient isn’t a good thing – understandably. He called back but was non-committal, got off the phone after saying he’d call me back. He did, but at 9 p.m. that night, long after our coffee should have come and gone.

So, that’s 3 blow-offs from his end, and 1 rescheduling from my end… Ouch. So then I start to get suspicious, which paired nicely with my bruised ego. And decided since he sees nothing amuck with blowing me off, then no matter what, we’ve got some fundamental issues that couldn’t be worked out. Lady needs a little R E S P E C T.

So in being equally immature, which I admit, I decided just to never answer the phone again. That tactic quickly backfired. So this is now a week after my vow of not answering the phone, and he’s called twice, no messages left. This morning at 8:17 a.m. I get a call from a “No Caller ID” number, to which I usually don’t answer, but as it happens…I answered this odd time. It was him asking when we were going out. WTF.

Let’s go over it quickly: He ambushed me from a blocked number, which may be a third phone number in a few months. He’s trying to schedule a date, but never shows up. I have no idea what his last name is – because he won’t share it because other women have looked him up at his office… (ok, sounds crazy in retrospect, I should have cut it off there). He says he’s a doctor, to which I have no evidence. He’s says he’s from south Florida but has a New York accent (to which I’ve inquired about before and he has no real answer). And then he got very angry when I made a joke that he was catfishing me…and growled and grumbled through the phone, still wanted a date, and when I firmly told him that I wasn’t interested in his anger or in his treatment of me. Then told me “to go {expletive} myself.”

Well, clearly, I hung up.

Then, I spent the next 30 minutes with my jaw on the floor. Let’s go with the very simple realization, if it’s not good in the beginning, it’s never going to be good.

I can’t imagine his behavior, or treatment of me being worse.
Maybe women overanalyze, but really, can you blame me here?! I feel like I’ve dodged some kind of high powered explosive. So, was I catfished?

Alternate headlines for this post:

  • It was over before it began…
  • He called from a blocked phone number…
  • I think we broke up, but we never went out..?!