It’s Been a While…


Dear Blog,

Since I’ve last posted, many things have gone down… in my head, it can all be sung to Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”

In short:

  • I turned 31, and my beloved dog turned 9
  • I made my way through Europe on a long-anticipated trip. Blog segments coming later…. Quickly:
    • 2 days in London followed by a ferry from Dover to Calais
    • Brussels, for like one hour
    • Frankfurt, really Bad Homburg
    • Innsbruck with a pit-stop in Rothenburg
    • Venice
    • Lucerne (#2 best day!) with a pit-stop in Verona
    • Dijon
    • Paris (#1 best day!)
  • Adorable tour guide from Holland… seemed a little standoffish for the beginning of the trip, but I realized I might be a stereotype of a toothy-smiling-eye contact making, chatty American… he eventually saw that I’m just a nice gal who loves a good adventure
  • New friends: a fabulous Brazilian residing in Australia, and worldly and vibrant young artist who is now one of my favorite people, not to mention my Paris buddy
  • Nine-hour flight next to a yoga-practicing older woman from India who made me her personal assistant: purse holding, phone programming, pillow fluffing, and a my hip/leg became her arm rest (as she lifted the arm rest/barrier between us) among other things…
  • Euro-flowbees and really short fountains (according to a travel mate… ahem, the bidet!?)
  • Visiting and reconnecting with old friends living abroad

Coming home, finding and renting a new apartment in a fantastic area beginning in June… which, after I signed the lease, I found out is basically on a hippy compound…

Been busy…looking forward to a moment to gather my thoughts and regale you with tales of hilarity, comedy, drama, adventure, and discovery.

Au Revoir

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