RePost: 15 Things All Badass, Fearless Alpha-Women Do Differently From Other Types Of Women


Well, I’d like to believe I’m one of these women, #4 in particular speaks to me. My parent’s never raised me to believe my value as a person had anything to do with “having a man.” They taught me that friends & significant others alike, if they didn’t want to be with me, then it was their loss. And I truly believe this – I don’t base my self-worth on relationships. I believe there is a man out there who just might like me for who I am, and if not, then I’m cool just doing me;)

4. They don’t need a boyfriend but they’re open to having a partner.

In a world that treats singledom as a disease that needs to be treated, it’s refreshing to meet a woman who’s not only OK being on her own but unwilling to compromise the time she spends with friends, on her career, or enjoying hobbies just to have any old someone in her life. Fearless women aren’t looking for a savior, a benefactor or boy toy. In fact, they are not even looking. The bold and fearless women is, however, excited when she meets a man who understands her, accepts her, respects her, respects himself and is looking in the same direction as she is.

I’ve wanted to blog this exact sentiment, but haven’t found my own words. There is a major difference between a NEED and a WANT. I do not NEED anyone else, but WANT to share my life in a mutually-beneficial & wildly, madly in-love relationship with a man who wants the same.  I want a partner and teammate, we ban together and have each other’s backs… and have fantastic adventures & also enjoy sitting at home on Saturday night in each other’s company. And we make-out, a lot. I’m pretty sure he’s out there, and I’m willing to kiss a few more frogs to find him.

Take a read – this article is pretty fantastic!

15 Things All Badass, Fearless Alpha-Women Do Differently From Other Types Of Women

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