Did something change in dating since I had my last first date?


I haven’t been on a first date since 2008… since that since I’ve dated one guy, married, then got divorced. But that’s not what this blog entry is about…

Did something change in dating since I had my last first date? I’ve tried Plenty of Fish and Tinder, while I am aware they’re not necessarily for finding the right one, I thought I might find one for even a minute. So it started with a whole bunch of NO’s that decided to jump way ahead and just put IT out there with a



#DickPic (Yep, that’s what you think it is… a picture a man sends you of his wiener…). Really? Sending articles like this to complete strangers? If I were to cash in on your offer, aren’t you worried about disease, death, and/or dismemberment? The internet is full of weirdos of all kinds.


If you’re not horrified enough, how about the guy you actually give your number to who seems like he MIGHT be a decent human being? Nope, I was wrong again. This morning, while I should have been at church, I answered a text from an attractive man, 32, claims to be in a prominent position at a well-known company. I think, “this guy seems to have it together. He communicates, asks about me…why not?”. So I awoke to a message asking when he could see me. I was happy to have a decent-seeming man interested in ME (In my head: it’s been a while, I’m not my best me… happy to have man’s attention..). So I reply with my plans for the week thinking we might act like adults and set a time to meet up.

I was WRONG. His next reply:

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 2.29.48 PM

Huh? What? Seriously? I’m deflated. My immediate thoughts:

  • There are no decent men left in the world (fleeting thought, I do have hope, but again – not what today’s entry is about).
  • Do I project the image of a woman who would do such a thing? (Not hating on those who can/would. I am just not one of them… not saying that incase Granny is reading… just need more than a text to heat the stove if ya know what I mean).

My decisions based on these, and other, terrible-horrible-no good interactions:

  • I’ve deleted Tinder (for the second time). deleteTinder
  • 3 weeks after getting on Plenty of Fish I deleted that one.
  • I’m done, at least this week, forcing myself to “find a match” or date. I’ll do my best to leave it up to God’s plan. (Yes, I am aware I have mentioned “dickpic” and God in the same blog.)

Is it too much to find a man who might actually put in effort to know me before trying to get in my pants? That might be interested in ME, not just any ol’ gal with an available orifice? (because that’s what this says to me… Tinder is a modern-day #gloryhole).


Thoughts?? GO!

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Cheers to 2015 – This year I WILL hit my goals


Happy Saturday Night – as you can tell, I am being super-awesome and staying in tonight. #Snark? Usually, but not this time.

I am proud of myself that day 3 of the New Year have just completed #P90X #CoreSynergistics. I feel great and am determined to lose my #Divorce weight, which is in combination with my #GradSchool weight. Stress and unbalance were a huge part of the past two years and I’m combating it now!

I want to be bikini-hot by May 17, which will be my 1-year divorce-aversary. It’s a goal of mine to spend it happy, on the beach, and in a bikini. I will celebrate my freedom, recovery, and my ever-growing #resiliency.

 How will I do this? Well, through food portion-control, sweat, and through surrounding myself with positivity. And I WILL lose 30lbs. Will I be a tiny stick, no, but that’s not my goal. I want to be healthy, and on this body that’s probably still thick. I’m cool with that.

Why? I want to get back to me and feel good again. I want my energy back. I want to be proud of myself and get back into cute clothes. Let’s be honest here, I want to look good naked. That’s why. FOR ME.

OK, now that’s those #goals have been published, I better stick to it.

What are your 2015 goals? Financial freedom? Increase, or diversify your income? Lose weight? Build muscle? Eat clean? Read more books? Do more professional development?

Whatever it is – write it down. Check on those goals every few weeks. Just because you miss it one week doesn’t mean you give up. Doing more is just that, do more than you did last year, last month, or last week.

We can do it! Cheers to 2015.

Share any of my goals? Join me for the next challenge group starting January 5. We can get you set up and in the accountability group asap!

Fit and Lean 2015

Fit and Lean in 2015

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