Because I am (FINALLY) Happy…


Coming to you from 30,000 feet up, moving east across Texas. I am thrilled to report that after almost two years of mess, I am happy again. I wake up excited for life with a song playing in my head. My fur-babies are in good health, I am improving each day with my fitness goals, and my job couldn’t be better. I am thankful for my blessings.

Life is good! I had a very productive and positive work week, and I really enjoy the fabulous people I work with.

I had time to get in a weight-lifting session/lesson with LaurenMottFitness, and happen to be sporting her shirt on today’s journey home. I had the opportunity to have most meals with great friends over delicious Mexican/borderland food. It was such a joy to hear about the new things in their lives and share in their accomplishments and future fun to come.

I hope the happiness continues and 2015 and spreads to everyone I know and love, and who read this blog!

Please share your thoughts with me. I love to send happy mojo to all! (Or, if you need to vent about the challenges of life – together we shall overcome.)


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