Perfect Paleo Pancakes



A friend sent over a recipe today and I was hungry – excellent timing. Here’s how the Perfect Paleo Pancakes went down:

(Click the link above for the recipe from the creator.)

First, I made a few substitutions/additions:

2 bananas instead of the 2 plantains

1 packet/scoop of Vanilla Shakeology to tighten up the batter (and give me some more of those SuperFoods!)

After blending all ingredients, as noted in the recipe, I knew the batter was too loose for pancakes. I added one packet of Vanilla Shakeology to give it more of a thickness, but still thin compared to regular pancakes.


They cooked nicely, but were now like thicker crepes, or really really thin pancakes. A few berries and a drizzle of honey, and viola – brunch is served.


What I would do differently?… Add in a ½ cup of alternative flour such as almond flour or gluten-free baking mix. You can add more if needed, but it’s just a thought. I’ll work on that little gem the next time. *Also, I’d take more time with the art of pancake flipping!!

Overall, I’d do it again. I’m satisfied and know I put in good food for fueling my body. I have to change this diet permanently to make the differences I want in my body – there is no quick fix, no easy way out. Just a lifestyle change to improve my diet, and exercise to get this body burning excess fat!

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