Mama Loves that Hair


We all have different creative outlets. A few of mine are travel, exercise, cooking, and doing hair. Yep, doing hair is creative and fun. Even more fun is finding a willing model who will just let you mess.

Let me introduce my model – my beautiful sister, Megan. She’s got butt-long silky, healthy hair. I’ve worked on all types of hair, but to me, silky & fine is the most challenging. Those lovely locks want to slip right out of any do’ and it’s a challenge to make a bobby-pin stick.


Years past have been all about up-do’s, but these day’s I’m into braids. Let’s see what I’ve done to Meg’s head recently.

IMG_3938 IMG_3939 IMG_3940 IMG_3941 IMG_3942 IMG_3943 IMG_3944

Next up – the sock bun. Let me know of any great ideas you have for me to try!

Perfect Paleo Pancakes



A friend sent over a recipe today and I was hungry – excellent timing. Here’s how the Perfect Paleo Pancakes went down:

(Click the link above for the recipe from the creator.)

First, I made a few substitutions/additions:

2 bananas instead of the 2 plantains

1 packet/scoop of Vanilla Shakeology to tighten up the batter (and give me some more of those SuperFoods!)

After blending all ingredients, as noted in the recipe, I knew the batter was too loose for pancakes. I added one packet of Vanilla Shakeology to give it more of a thickness, but still thin compared to regular pancakes.


They cooked nicely, but were now like thicker crepes, or really really thin pancakes. A few berries and a drizzle of honey, and viola – brunch is served.


What I would do differently?… Add in a ½ cup of alternative flour such as almond flour or gluten-free baking mix. You can add more if needed, but it’s just a thought. I’ll work on that little gem the next time. *Also, I’d take more time with the art of pancake flipping!!

Overall, I’d do it again. I’m satisfied and know I put in good food for fueling my body. I have to change this diet permanently to make the differences I want in my body – there is no quick fix, no easy way out. Just a lifestyle change to improve my diet, and exercise to get this body burning excess fat!

It’s a beautiful morning…


Birds are chirping and the weather is crispy for Florida. I’ve been able to turn the AC off and open up the house to enjoy the fresh air. It’s going to be glorious to workout in the breezeway!


I’m feeling the need to recap last weekend’s Nashville adventure because it was so fantastic I might move there…


It started with a quick overnight to visit friends in Clarksville, about an hour northwest of Nashville. I quickly fell in love with Our Daily Red wine, organic and sulfite-free, but fully delicious either way. The air was fresh and fragrant, and the company was perfect. My friend Steph is a personal trainer up there and she took me to the gym and a workout class the next morning. After a two-hour workout I was primed and ready for the day. Stop One was to Beachaven Winery, a family-owned vineyard with tours and tasting… I bought four bottles! Jazz on the lawn anyone?

IMG_4076 IMG_4073

Stop Two: down to Franklin to visit another set of friends. Such a cute, and posh neighborhood with a quick highway 65 drive into Nashville. Home of two of the famous Puckett’s Grocery locations and over the course of the weekend I dined at the Boat House, the Leiper’s Fork, and the downtown location before my flight out. Two nights were spent with Lindsey downtown on Broadway and The Gulch at some delicious dining spots, and lively music venues. Did I mention I love live music of most any genre? It was paradise. And for these things alone I am looking for a job in Nashville!

IMG_4122 IMG_4087

The lovely and motivated Aubrey ran a half-marathon for which I had the pleasure of taking her and picking her up. I was super-happy for her that she improved her time, but sad that I was also late so I missed her at the finish line. But she was a champ for everything and maybe, just maybe, I will someday do one half-marathon ever just to say I did it…#BucketList!


Sunday – Aerial Yoga, enough said. I had the nervous giggles the entire time Maniacal giggles to which others thought I was a dorkus, but to me it was the nerves. Lindsey was a champ and went right for the very first forward flip, for me it was a circus of ridiculousness. At times I thought I might break a limb, but by the end of the class the acrobatics ceased and I spent time in cocoon position in the yoga hammock. I felt like an elephant in a tutu. When I buy a home I am certainly investing in a yoga hammock set up.


Elephant in a tutu

I loved everything – the weather, the people, nightlife and restaurants, you name it – it’s for me. If #Tampa doesn’t start pony-ing up the jobs it’s sayonara and I’m off to the Music City!