My weekly #wanderlust…


So in my not-so-extensive research, I’ve discovered that Nov – March is the least expensive time to visit Europe. Sounds good, this Floridian can don a sweater, coat, woolen tights, etc. Not that I own much cold weather gear, nor know where to find it… That’s a #FirstWorldProblem for another day.

Now, I want to go everywhere, so there are no losers on this trip, but I may not end up where I originally intended. Spain might end up being a trip for another day… 

We, my lovely friend April and I, can fly much less expensively into Dublin, Ireland, and as two Irish-Americans we’re thrilled to add this destination to our journey. Then it’s a ferry to England, and a train to Belgium and Paris. Sounds like a pretty good idea, no? Or maybe skip over England to begin with as we both have been, and can stop on our way back to see another friend who is living there.

Let’s be serious, or not, we’ve had enough seriousness over the past year… Let’s be “adventurous”. I’ve been to Paris, but who says no to that? It’s been like 17ish years since then and time for a re-discovery. I want to eat local cuisines, drink coffee on the Rue De Whatever, take in some history, and meet interesting people. Is that too much to ask? I think not. In Belgium we shall eat waffles, delicious waffles and see the sites.

Ahh to dream of travel. Where do you want to go?

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