I am participating in #CleanWeek and invite YOU to join me. Yes, it’s FREE!


I am participating in #CleanWeek and invite you to join me. One week designed to help those who are not yet ready to commit to a #Teambeachbody #ChallengePack, but want to see what it’s all about. We’ll meal plan, workout, and try the products with no further commitment.

Participants will experience a full week of a well-rounded plan including plan: Shakeology, Clean Eating, Fitness and Coach Support. We start October 3 – the time to commit is now.

{DM/PM me for details. Who’s in?!} http://ow.ly/i/xGVpi

#TBT What a difference one year makes. T


#TBT What a difference one year makes. The chick on the left, while smiling, was nervous and didn’t feel comfortable in her surroundings and certainly not in her own skin.

While I may not have seem much change on the scale, I certainly have made a redistribution in my muscle to fat ratio. I could give you the list of things contributing to that, but it’s whiny and boring. Just ask if you really want to know.

While the woman on the right might not seem too different, she’s much more confident inside and out. Through a lot of hard work physically, and some serious work on self-acceptance, I am finding me again. She’s not the hot-ass old me from 7 years ago, she’s much more badass, and by far, happier.

I am redefining myself by accepting my inner Sweaty Betty who won’t take no for an answer anymore. This woman is a Lady Boss who’s new mantra is “Why NOT me?” On the road to becoming a hotter and sharper me.

So why not you? http://ow.ly/i/xiqhl

Ever play “Clean the Fridge” or “Kitc


Ever play “Clean the Fridge” or “Kitchen Sink”??

OK, i just invented them now. But this salad helped us get down to nil leftovers before some travel. I hate to waste! My goal was to not buy new groceries and not waste anything before we got on the road. I am proud to say we did it (on, one butternut squash left, but I am confident it will survive until we get home).

One of my favorite websites to help use up groceries & ingredients is Allrecipes you can input what you have, and they’ll give you back a recipes! Give it a try! http://ow.ly/ZdCW30dUiYV http://ow.ly/i/x5Dty

{HELLLOOO Transformation!} I cannot beli


{HELLLOOO Transformation!}
I cannot believe Ashley’s 60-Day results – so inspiring! She was convinced she’d never meet her goals, but wow – 20lbs down! I am on my way to doing the same! She’s proof the right program can get you in better shape and help meet your goals. Today only, a few programs are on sale, Ashley did Hammer & Chisel which is $40! If you want to get in on the deal before it’s gone, comment below and I will send you the details on my accountability group.

Seriously, Ashley, excellent work!!

Happy Sunday! You know I am all about sharing experiences…


Happy Sunday! You know I am all about sharing experiences, side hustles, and striving to live the true American Dream of working hard and playing harder. One of the things I am most proud of over the last year is earning every penny of my trip to Ireland with money earned on the side, not using a dime from my day-job. if I don’t earn it, I should’t have it, right?! Those are my thoughts, anyway!

100% of my 13-day trip to Ireland was paid for through my Beachbody business, and I cannot express how good that feels. I was able to earn this extra money with a few hours of effort throughout the week over the course of a year.

Clearly from my photos I am still on my journey (uphill trudge through the mud) towards health and fitness. You can be part of this movement while working on your goals. I know you’re questioning that very fact right now – stop, we all do it. Why not achieve both your health and financial goals at once?

What could I do if I put just 10-hours a week into this business? I don’t know, but I am confident it will lead to more travel at home and abroad. Travel is my passion! I have room to expand my team. Join me? What would you do with a little extra cash each week? http://ow.ly/i/vdSQr